Strength. Energy. Radiance. Adventure. Passion. Hope. Inspiration. Mystery.
​This acronym is how I define Seraphim Studios, the title I've given my art business. I desire a life filled with these things, and I want to provide those same ideals to as many people as I can. With that in mind, I try to ensure that every oil painting I produce fits into the list above. believe that we are what we surround ourselves with. My work, then, is a reflection of these ideals. As an award winning artist, I am able to reach a even larger segment of the population, and hopefully I can bring strength, energy, radiance, adventure, passion, hope, inspiration and mystery to that lives.

I begin a painting by envisioning a story, then deciding what elements are important to that story. I decide on the model or models that I want to use, arrange the props, and begin the composition. Sometimes that part takes as long as the actual painting. Once I’ve settled on the composition the painting can begin. I always start with the story in mind.

Once creation begins, I can become immersed in the oil painting, almost sculpting the flesh from the canvas. I paint in layers, and each layer takes me closer and closer to the finished work. When a piece is going well I am often filled with a sense of wonder. I am often outside myself and take great pleasure, in in the act of creating, but of the witnessing of the creation. I have this same feeling when I watch others paint. Being a North Carolina artist allows me access to some amazing painters.

I know a piece is done when I can see the story clearly, without distraction. But this isn’t enough. This story is only my point of view. I never want my art to be so one-dimensional. Not that this is a bad thing. Sometimes a painter has a specific and important point. But, for me a successful piece of art is one where the stories are varied for each viewer. When I look at works by Juan Medina or Michael Whelan, I can often see multiple stories, and in my best works I hear people describe so many different opinions of what that works means. That's when I know an oil painting is a success!