Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prague: The Little Quarter

It has been a whiplash tour of Prague for these first few days. TheWife and I got in from the airport on Wednesday afternoon and took a walking tour of our little section of paradise. The Little Quarter is beautiful, filled with cobblestones, BMWs and at least 5 Audis for every 7 tourists. The Wife can barely keep her head on straight. The drool is starting to be noticeable to passers-by.

The view up the hill from The Green Lobster.

Our hotel is quaint. The Green Lobster got it's name from the green lobster hanging above the door. Ok, so maybe it's more complex than that, but I'm too busy looking at the rest of the city to care.  Still, the rooms are nice, the furnishings are comfortable and the bed seems...sturdy. What more can you ask for on a vacation with TheWife?

We took a walk around western half of the Little Quarter (Mala Strana)  This seems to be the equivalent of DC proper. The place is filled with diplomats, embassies and ministries of all type. I'm starting to believe that at least 1 out of 5 people is actually someone's body guard. Then, I notice that for every embassy there are two or three hostels. I breath an internal sigh of relief. Looks like I'm not out of my element after all.

"No, you can't come in here. Go tour a castle or something. I meant ANOTHER castle!"

We have a very light dinner. TheWife and I eat hamburgers for dinner. Not because we're unadventurous Americans, but because we're naive Americans. The place we were at had "The Best Burgers in Town." In a town with two burger joints, that wasn't much of a bragging point. Neither was the burger. The beer, on the other hand, was fine. Pilsner Urquell must own stock in everything Prague. They seem to run this city. Every place we were at had Pilsner Urquell as the only beer served. Like Coke products in America...but there was no Pepsi of beers. Pilsner Urquell played the beer market lottery and won in spades. Granted, it's made not far from here, in the town of Pilsen (Plzeƈ). It was the first pilsner beer in the world, made back in 1842. Guess it deserves its place.

We spend the rest of the evening enjoying the amazing views from the Little Quarter. We head to the room a little early, though. We've got a lot more of the city to cover, and we've been up for nearly 36 hours. We manage to stay awake until 8pm. Even the sun laughed at us. He stayed up for another two hours.

The view from the northwestern edge of the city.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I've always wanted to go there!

  2. Looks like you're having a good time....