Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Search for Aphrodite

11" x 14"
Graphite on Paper

I have been on the search for an Aphrodite. This search is taking up too much of my time. Not on the actual search but on the fear of exclusion. I know I'm over thinking this, but my thought processes go like this:

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. In my head, she's the perfect woman. Her beauty is the beauty of the ages. Her allure can affect even the other gods! This image is powerful.

Two problems immediately crop up. First, my taste in women is grand. Tall, short, large breasted or small, long haired or short, black or white or Asian or Hispanic or Martian. Ladies, I love you all. The casting of "Aphrodite: the Movie" would be a long, stressful, terrible process.

Wait, take that back. It would be a glorious process! But, the actual choosing of the goddess would be excruciating!

My casting couch would have a dash of this and that.
I drew on many different ideas. Like a port in storm. I...uhh...

And then, there's problem two. The second I put an Aphrodite to canvas, I feel like I've chosen an ideal woman. And that means every other version is now "not ideal." This is a problem only in my own head. At least, I suspect that to be true. I hope that by creating an Aphrodite painting people don't suddenly say, "Ahhh. Geraud's ideal woman is tall with big hips, blue eyes and platinum blonde hair."

I love that. A lot. And it would be my favorite look...on a random Thursday. By the following Monday I'd think Aphrodite should be a small, short-haired blonde with a muscled back and eyes that draw you in like the pied piper. And by that Friday it would be a six-foot tall brunette with breasts designed by Zeus himself and eyes that seem to change color every day.

That last was TheWife, and yes, I've thought about using her as my Aphrodite a thousand times. She's my favorite thing to look at in the whole world. But will people take it seriously, or will they just think I've painted my wife, like a film director who uses his wife for all his starring roles.

There's too much angst about it! I've made it way bigger than it needs to be.

But, I'm getting over myself. I have made a decision...sort of. I've limited my choices. Aphrodite is coming. I think you'll be very pleased.


  1. Possibly Aphrodite is something that needs some mystery...some imagination. Cloaked in shadows, a vague shape. Covered in a burka with nothing but the eyes exposed. A victorian vision in bustles and petticoats that hide all but what the imagination can render.

  2. I love this idea, actually. I toyed with it a little bit and may revisit even deeper! Thanks Anon.

  3. Damn straight I'm your Aphrodite! Can't believe you would consider anyne else the way I knocked you off yr feet. Eyes front Staton!