Friday, August 10, 2012

New Work: Tiger

6" x 8"
Oil on Canvas Board

Yes, my friends, I'm still doing some small works, even while I create my masterpiece, THE CHARIOT. I don't know about other fact, this may be a glimpse into the vanity that is me...but there are two types of paintings in my barn or creativity. There is the painting that begins with, "I think this painting will be fun/adorable/inspirational/energetic."

And then, there is the painting that begins with, "oh please, please, please let this one be the one that people talk about in college art history classes in 2096. Let this one be the one that people talk about when they say 'Rubens was a great master of the human flesh...until his title was snatched from him by Staton, an artist from modest beginnings, who led a quiet, humble life.' "

When people of the future are living in the Matrix, or on Mars, or under the sea, I want this painting to be coveted by all. For the longest time, SIRENS was that painting for me. I don't know if the people of 2096 would agree, but it is still one of my favorites, if not my all time favorite painting.

Not just a favorite painting, but three of my favorite people!

Well, here's a preview of THE CHARIOT. This is as of two days ago. I've done some work on it, filling in the flesh and doing some work on the dress. But you'll have to be patient for those pics. For now, just the initial painted sketch.

If a superior piece of art is a masterpiece,
is an inferior one called a slavepiece?

There's one other phrase I repeat to myself, along with the 'college art history' mantra, and it's been playing in my head for days now...

"Oh please please please, don't fuck this up!"


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