Thursday, August 2, 2012


12" x 12"
Oil on Canvas Board

Another in the Scotch and Cigar series. I'm spending insane amounts of time in the studio trying to create new works. I'm having a great time at it! And thanks to KidVideo I'm no longer doing it in 95 degree heat.

Our A/C went out and while I save up my bones to get a new, super deluxe model, KidVideo is lending me a window unit. We have two in a house that isn't particularly large. Two window units seem to be the perfect amount. I went for a run this morning using the Zombies, Run app on my phone.

The story so far: After my helicopter crashed in the woods...rather, was shot down by unknown attackers...I went on a run to a little town that seems to be protected from the Zombies. Before I got there, I was able to get some supplies from a hospital and pick up a few extra things on the way. 3 miles later, and I've gotten back to camp. I even managed to get a file from the CDC.

Ok, back to reality. I walk into my house, one that is usually hotter than the world outside, only to find that it was actually too cold for me! My first thought was, "KidVideo, you kick ass!" The second thing I thought was, "My nipples are crazy hard right now. Maybe I should make it a little warmer in here."

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  1. Now if you would put a koi in the glass..

    CPT Poker