Thursday, July 19, 2012

When Did We Get So Trashy???

30" x 18"
Oil on Canvas

You've seen the first version of Shattered, and I liked it a lot. You can take a look at the original here and decide for yourself. I have come to enjoy doing paintings a second time, and sometimes a third time. Maybe this is from a lack of planning on my part, but I don't think that's the case. I think I just like the minor changes that I make in the work. It rarely makes me think less of the work before it. In fact, I tend to think of them as very different paintings.

Because I'm re-doing a few of my favorite paintings it makes sense that my brain has been re-thinking all sorts of things. The one that has taken the driver's seat is with our home. This place is a clutter jungle. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a whole Smurf village living amongst all the shit we have. Instead of a junk drawer, we have a junk room. And when I say "junk room" what I mean is that we have TWO junk rooms!

The other day I just knew there was a hidden camera show following me because I opened the closet in one of the junk rooms and a bunch of shit fell out onto my head. I was waiting for Fred Flintstone's bowling ball to roll out and land on my cranium! TheWife tripped over a guitar and that was all she wrote. 

Did I mention that neither of us plays the guitar!?!?

We've spent a day in a frenzy. We're throwing stuff out like we were getting paid by the pound. The rules for what we keep are pretty strict:

     If you want to keep something you must withstand the following three questions from your spouse:

     1. You sure you want to keep that?

     2. Really? You're actually going to keep that?

     3. Really??

     This line of questions is followed by a withering stare.

This plan worked very well, though it does tend to make the process go a little slower. Sometimes those stares take a few minutes. The good news is that they almost always make the other cave in. Soon, our house is going to be a minimalists wet dream!

Hmmm, do minimalists have wet dreams, or would that be considered clutter?

Anyway, We've worked our way through most of the first junk room. We're going to work on junk room #2 later today and then we'll make our way through the rest of the house. So, if anyone has a need for an old wicker basket with three handles, or a paperback with no cover and the first 4 pages ripped off so you don't know what book you're reading, or a random box of pens and pencils, or one of seven, non-matching tiny bags that were used to hold school books for The Littles, then come on by and take a look in my trash bin. You'll be glad you did!

Just don't be surprised when you're writing this very same blog entry by the end of the summer!

This dude would be SOOOO eaten by now!


  1. M and I are doing this too, inspired by the fact that we are moving in a few weeks and everything we give away/sell/toss is one less thing to put in a box and move across town. Good luck, kids!

    1. Getting rid of as much as you can before a move is crucial! I helped a friend move once and he hadn't done any of that. I was pissed when I realized I was moving stuff that was probably trash!

  2. Two words - Scrap Exchange.

    1. Genius! Love the scrap exchange. And we have plenty of crap for them!

  3. Retrograde is the time when people feel the greatest need to purge and reorganize. You'll feel great when it's done! And then, the next day, you'll finally remember why you were saving that now-discarded three handled wicker basket. Or you'll run out of pencils.

    1. Sounds very much like me! Then again, the place will look marvelous!