Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Art of Jamie B. Wolcott

This weekend I went to a great event at the Carrack Art Gallery in Durham, NC. The event was called the Calabash at the Carrack and featured artists, musicians and actors. I had a great time getting to see great performers like Kashif Powell, The Drowning Lovers, a film by Jim Haverkamp, and Curtis Eller. Everyone was great and I could tell that everyone was having a wonderful time.

Surrounding all of this merriment was the art of Jamie B. Wolcott. Jamie's art is described at Poster art. I think it's so much more than that. And, if she weren't talented enough in this realm of art, she's also a helluva writer.

You can check out more of her work, including her writing, at her website at: http://www.jamiebwolcott.com/posters.html

Prints of her work are also available. Some of you are going to love this work!


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