Monday, April 16, 2012

Sirens Limited Edition Prints For Sale!

     First things first: I'm using a great publisher to print my high quality giclees. For awhile, I was using Fine Art America to do an unlimited number of generic prints. They were good enough. But award winning art deserves higher quality materials. I would still recommend them to anyone, especially if you aren't doing limited edition prints.

     I'm proud to release the last few copies of Sirens, one of my favorite of my oil paintings. The original has sold to one of my collectors. I'm honored that he has it in his collection and hope to visit my girls from time to time. The limited edition series is limited to 50 hand-signed, archival quality giclees.  All but the first few, called Artist's Prints, are 11" x 14", with a black 16" x 20" mat, as seen above.

     Your print can be shipped to you within 3 weeks. Order Sirens right here, or just click the picture above.

     I have two new paintings I'm working on. I'm finishing up a commissioned piece, the last of 3 so if you've been wondering where all my latest works are, they've been going out as soon as they leave the easel. But I'm back to producing works for the studio.

     The first is a beautiful nude of a beautiful, full-figured friend of mine that I call Bastet. This piece should be very elegant and I think you guys are going to love it. The second is one that slips back into my always-loved Greek mythology theme. This one will emphasize the Mystery in my mission statement. Starring one of my dearest friends, Kitten will draw you in and leave you in awe.

     Look for both of these works coming in the next month or so. And, as an added bonus, I'm going to create a video of one of these paintings so you'll get to see me in action. The video will be done in fast-motion, because even I don't want to be there for the 20-30 hours it takes me to do a painting!

     I'm using PayPal for all online purchases. Their security protocols are top-notch and the fees are very reasonable. More importantly, you guys are protected against fraud, as well as having your purchases secured.

     You can use PayPal when you purchase your copy of Sirens