Thursday, March 15, 2012

Multiple Versions of Paintings

I have a growing addiction. I love re-painting some of my old works. The reasons are simple, and a little surprising for me. I have a very serious attachment to many of my works. I love many of my paintings. And not all for vain reasons. Yes, sometimes I just think a painting is well executed and deserves the praise and acknowledgement of all the world, but usually it's something warmer and more earthy than that.

Usually, it's just that I love the models.

Innocence Lost II

I am an incredibly lucky artist. I have some amazing friends. And many of those friends are incredibly beautiful people, both men and women. And many of my friends are willing to allow me to share their beauty with others. When I've done a good job with a painting I'm able to share more than their physical beauty, too. If I do it right, the world gets to see a glimpse of the inner beauty that I see on a regular basis.

The other side of this is that I am growing as an artist. I learn new things, try new techniques, experiment with new gear. Sometimes that shows from one painting to the next. As my technique gets better, I look back at my favorite paintings and think, "hey, this painting deserves to be better, too." It's that simple.

Innocence Lost III

Right now I have a ton of these paintings. I want to do another version and make it better. I think I can do a better job of showing the beauty of a person that I love. I feel guilty if I don't, like I'm leaving them behind, like I've done them some disservice. 

But I have others to paint. My list of friends isn't exhausted. The world has not seen the extent of beauty in my   warehouse of friends. Don't worry. They are coming. And if I do it right, you will be in awe of them.

--- Geraud 

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