Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winner of the 2011 Emerging Artist Grant

I don't know who to thank first. There are so many people responsible for this great honor that has been bestowed upon me.


First, I would like to thank my parents who taught me to pursue my dreams no matter how impossible they might be to attain. You never know when someone more successful than you might fall asleep at the wheel and then viola! You win!

I would also like to thank all of my teachers who told me to stop drawing in my text books and "pay attention or you will never be worth anything." If it weren't for you I would have no one to prove wrong.

Thirdly, I would like to thank Lou Rawls. He knows why. Thanks, Lou.

In addition to these people, I would like to thank my dear friend HottieLocks who gave me invaluable assistance in writing this, my first, grant proposal. I would like to thank one of my mentors, Luana Winner, for her amazing and complimentary referral letter. You should check out her art at I hope to come somewhere near her skill level in the next few decades. I would like to thank Beryl Rosen, the owner of the Main Street Gallery in Carrboro for both his referral letter and for taking a chance on an up and coming artist. I'd like to thank My Bestest for always being honest with me when it comes to my career (and all things, whether I like it or not) and for always being there for me when I need her. And I'd like to thank The Wife, who rarely stares at me with annoyance when I tell her I'm going to paint yet another naked woman, and who is there with advice regarding my work, my marketing and who, on unrequested occasions critiques my artwork while I'm still painting it...and is usually correct.

I'd like to thank too many models to name, but who include Blondie-No-Longer, HottieLocks, My Bestest, Extrava-Hair; The Latte Ladies; Red-Rum; Betty-Davis-Eyes, Hot-Lanta, and a cast of many many more.

I'd also like to thank my fellow winners this year. We're in for a great adventure!

More to come, fellow Adventurers. Much more!

Much love,